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SurfaceGuard is proud to announce the addition of real time IAQ (internal air quality) monitoring combined with geospatial dashboards to provide critical map-based health and safety information. 

SurfaceGuard Building Intelligence internal air quality monitoring and real time geospatial information display to help schools, businesses and organizations make smart evidence based safety decisions.  


Surfaceguard partners with clients to pick the right SAR monitoring approach that will most benefit their business. Surfaceguard will provide the leading technology in wireless real-time IAQ monitoring to help determine the amount and location of each IAQ device for your business to meet the requirements

SurfaceGuard understands that while collecting and analyzing the data is a critical part to understanding building health, digital data at your fingertips helps building visitors and employees feel conformable coming back to the office.


Our turn-key industrial IoT platform helps our customers meet the challenge of digital transformation. Using our platform, our clients are able to mix and match pre-built IoT hardware modules to capture a customized set of real-time data, all within a few weeks.

Rapidly architect a custom IoT solution for your specific business without custom development. Receive an enterprise scalable solution that can remotely monitor, operate, and optimize your assets and environments


Help protect your business, attendees, vendors, guest and others.  

The SurfaceGuard geospatial dashboard with IAQ monitoring works hand in hand with your current monitoring and sanitation efforts.  company or cleaning regimen.  Continue to use your cleaning service for their normal functions and turn your monitoring and bacterial safety protection over SurfaceGuard.

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SurfaceGuard is perfect for hotels, offices, bars and restaurants, gyms, salons, daycare and play centers, healthcare facilities, fleet vehicles, government facilities and planes

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