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SurfaceGuard Risk Mitigation Platform

SurfaceGuard's Risk Mitigation Platform sets the standard in the industry for safety data capture and reporting. This cutting edge enterprise-grade technology provides an unparalleled level of real-time information and insight. It is unprecedented in its ability to give clients the confidence and assurance that treatment services have been delivered in all the right places.

Site Planning and Quality Assurance

Facility Site Plan: SurfaceGuard inputs each facility's floor plan into the Risk Mitigation System to create the operational site plan for treatment services. The site plan accounts for all of the facility's common areas along with every room on every level.

Room Inventory Tracking: Each room, as indicated to the right, is then inventoried for its furniture, fixtures and equipment. SurfaceGuard Technicians record the type of treatment, date and time for every room and common area.

Quality Assurance Platform.png

Risk Mitigation Data Reporting

SurfaceGuard Risk Mitigation Data Reporting provides clients with robust reports on room and fixture level data regarding the treatment services provided in the facility. The data reports provide clarity for all stakeholders on the date and time of services along with the type of service treatment provided.


In the event the client is challenged or questioned about the steps it has taken to protect people inside its facility, the SurfaceGuard Risk Mitigation Platform and its Data Reporting engine can provide invaluable information regarding those efforts. 

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