• Charles Brodsky
    Managing Partner

    Charles Brodsky runs day to day operations for SurfaceGuard and helps set the company's strategic direction. He has more than 30 years of business operations and investment experience. This includes selling a previous company to Falconhead Capital and angel investments both in Wedding Wire (NASDAQ: XOXO) and Blackboard Inc (formerly NASDAQ: BBBB) where he was Vice President of Sales.

  • Aubrey Vaughan
    Managing Director

    Mr. Vaughan has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial executive leadership and has led and grown several different startups to market values from $2 million to over $250 million. His proven success in growing revenue, expanding markets, and quickly adapting to industry dynamics with startups has been critical to his success. Mr. Vaughan has vast experience with all facets of growth including capitalization, branding, product, sales, channels, marketing, team recruitment, and corporate strategy. Mr. Vaughan is well tuned in to thinking creatively to differentiate, motivate and execute fast to gain market advantages.

  • Michelle Harburg
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Michelle Harburg is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring SurfaceGuard’s business marketing strategy. She has more than 10 years of project management, strategic consulting, and marketing experience. Recently at Booz Allen Hamilton she was the project manager for 20+ clients leading training, communications, and business/technical writing teams. Additionally, Mrs. Harburg is the board secretary for the Yip Harburg Foundation and provides strategic direction in operations and branding.

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    About SurfaceGuard

    SurfaceGuard is an innovative company helping businesses, schools and other organizations stay safe. It uses state of the art application technology, location based tracking technology and EPA registered products to deliver clients outstanding treatment services and customer support. SurfaceGuard is dedicated to bringing its clients products that are effective. 

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